Friday, 16 November 2007

I'm such a lucky girl!

Well, woman really, but there is something about getting presents that makes you feel like a kid. Firstly huge apologies to my Secret Pal again. I have been trying to blog about your wonderful parcel all week but every time I get near the pc something happens (as I write this I hear Euan waking up so there another delay). Ok, I'm back an hour later :-) Anyway, I wanted to say a huge big thank you for my fantastic gifts. Here a terrible pic, I'll take some better ones when I'm not so rushed.

The skein is the most amazing hand spun silk in my favourite colours. I'm not sure exactly what I'll make but I think it'll be perfect for some lace work. The stitch marker are gorgeous and badly needed (I keep losing mine) and I'll pretend that is a full packet of Mentos. There is no way anyone could demolish the whole packet the second it came out of the parcel wrapping, no even a pregnant woman!

Thank you so so so much Secret Pal. This was such an exciting parcel and everything was just perfect. I will try and find or make up a garment worthy of the beautiful yarn.

As it's now really late (I told you I keep getting delayed. It's about 6 hours after I started) I'll just give you a few shots of my latest projects. I add more tomorrow.

At least knitting doesn't make me vomit any more :-)


Sunflower said...

Hi - so glad you liked your little package - Happy Spider does the most amazing things with fibres of all types, she's one clever girl! I reckon her silk would knit up beautifully into a narrow lace scarf - or anything lacy, as you say.

Good to see your knitting progressing, and that you're feeling a bit better :)

mummabare said...

Your creations look wonderful! And your little package does look delicious (says she who can devour a packet of mentos in no time and so no pregnancy to blame ).

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!