Sunday, 31 December 2006

Finally some pictures

OK, so I promised some pictures and then didn't deliver. You'll get used to that. Here are the pictures of the finally finished Wavy. I only did 8 of the 10 repeats because I don't really like long scarves and I had gotten bored of knitting it. I desperately needed the needles for something else so it seemed like a great time to finish knitting.

What do you think? I know it looks a bit plain but it'll be a great, practical scarf if the weather ever gets cold enough or we head back overseas. The wool is a Cascade Heather so it's quite flecky, not as plain as it looks. I've got to work out how to block it now. I'm scared of knilling the wavy look. Wish me luck!

And here's my one finished Twinkletoe. These will be great little slippers when I get the gauge right and make it fit my foot. Not sure what to do with these (if I ever finished the second one). They might go to my brother's girlfriend who has pretty small feet and loves green.

Sorry, crap pic again. I really shouldn't take them at night as my camera is rubbish and just can't handle the low light.

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Candice said...

ohh i love those slippers!! i think i might have to try that pattern... one year