Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Post xmas malaise

Well I haven't achieved much over the last few days. I was doing really well with my twinkletoes and finished the first one really quickly. Unfortunately, even though I had used the exact yarn and right needles I ended up with a really weird gauge. Instead of 22/26 (or something like that) I got 26/38 so my first slipper is very, very small. I'm so upset that I have put them on hold until I get the motivation back. Serves me right for not doing a gauge swatch. I know it's fine for scarves, but not so good for slippers or socks, or clothes for that matter. I guess I'll just have to become a "proper" knitter one day and try them! I'll get some picture up shortly so you can at least see how the first slipper turned out.

My wavy scarf is rattling along now that I have given up on the twinkletoes. I'm onto the 6th repeat fter doing 2.5 today. I have to ball up the next skein so I can finish the second half of the scarf. Should be done soon though. Hopefully it'll still be a little cool when we go to the UK so I can wear it. Will get some pictures of that soon too.

On a non-knitting note. We have finally decided to head to the UK about Easter time for 4-5 weeks as Euan is yet to meet any of his family and Dan and I haven't been for almost 2 years. I get such itchy feet after a year without travel. Luckily Dad has agreed to give us a few extra frequent flyer points so we shouldn't have to pay for the flights, otherwise we just couldn't afford it. Yay, I'm so excited!! Just trying to work out what nappies to take now.

Christmas was really nice. Euan was spoilt rotten by the family which thrilled us. They'd been pretty nonplussed about his birthday and first Christmas so we weren't holding out breath but it was a wonderful day. He is so tuckered out after all the parties and eating.

I promise I'll have a whole lot of pictures for next time. Hopefully I'll get them up before we reach 2007!

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Tracy said...

Can't wait to see the scarf. I'm up to the 5th repeat and I made a mistake in the 2nd! It's staying there I can't be bothered going back!