Friday, 22 December 2006

Present for me

Although I've been slack getting other peoples presents, I've managed to get a couple of little things for myself. I was starting to worry that this parecl would never arrive, but on the last postal day before Christmas my parcel man (well not my normal one, I think he's left as I haven't seen him for ages. He was so nice too) arrived with this little beauty:

Sorry, I'm having major problems with my camera. Everything looks crap :(

But anyway... I got four balls of Rowan Calmer. I refused to pay the prices asked in Oz so I bought direct from the UK and it was so much cheaper. It is just beautiful yarn. I plan to make a few pairs of knitty's finest. Hopefully some will be done in time for Christmas as I wanted them as presents. Fingers crossed.

While I was at it I thought I'd chuck in a ball of 100% alpaca sock yarn for myself. I want to have the finest dressed feet around. Artesano Alpaca is fair trade wool from Bolivia and OMG I have never felt anything so soft. I can't wait to start knitting with it, though I might try some cheaper stuff for my first pair of socks. Watch this space...

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Tracy said...

Looks great. You'll have to knit fast to get them done by xmas only 3 sleeps left